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Angie Nu Ton, MD

Title: Senior Associate Consultant
Company: Mayo Clinic
Location: Gilbert, Arizona, United States

Angie Nu Ton, MD, Senior Associate Consultant at the Mayo Clinic, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in family medicine.

Distinguished for her expertise in family medicine, Dr. Ton has excelled as a senior associate consultant for the Mayo Clinic since 2020. In her role, she conducts general annual physical examinations and long-term care follow-ups for different conditions such as diabetes, asthma, anxiety, or depression. She also has same-day visit spots for urgent care type of visits, as well as responds to patient questions through electronic medical records regarding topics like lab results, imaging tests, colonoscopies, or mammogram results. Dr. Ton attributes her success in her position to perseverance instilled to her by her parents, along with the support of her grandmother.

At the start of her professional journey, Dr. Ton earned a Doctor of Medicine from St. George’s University in 2017. Subsequently, she served as a family medicine resident at the Mayo Clinic from 2017 to 2020 until accepting a role as an assistant professor with the Mayo Medical School, which she considers one of her most notable achievements. To remain abreast of her field, she maintains membership with the American Academy of Family Physicians and she also volunteers her time to free clinics in Florida. In 2023, she was appointed to the she was appointed as the family medicine residency advising director for the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. In five years’ time, Dr. Ton hopes to be a senior consultant at the Mayo Clinic and continue to teach medical students, which she really enjoys.

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