Tetsuya Isobe

Tetsuya Isobe

Title: Physician
Company: International East Asian Medicine Center
Location: Nagoya, Japan

Dr. Tetsuya Isobe, a physician at the International East Asian Medicine Center, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of Eastern medicine.
With several decades of practiced expertise in health care, Dr. Isobe has achieved professional success through his specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his position as a physician at the International East Asian Medicine Center in Nagoya, a city in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, he also practices in the field of acupuncture. Likewise, Dr. Isobe serves as a doctor at the Kishokai Bell Clinic, where he performs extensive research into the application of sperm theory in regards to medical science, as well as the integration of various theories in both Western and Eastern medicine. Throughout the span of his career, he has contributed his findings to a wealth of professional journals in the form of scientific articles and abstracts.
Dr. Isobe’s exemplary performance in the field was borne from his academic journey, which began at Osaka University. After completing his undergraduate degree in 1988, he earned a Doctor of Philosophy in his area of expertise in 1992. Following this accomplishment, he went on to obtain a degree at Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a medical school based in the Liaoning province of China, in 2011. To remain aware of developments in his field, Dr. Isobe maintains his membership in the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation, a leading nonprofit organization that is dedicated to disseminating information on the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural self-healing across the globe.
Dr. Isobe was born in Osaka in 1961 and grew up with his parents, Kunio and Fumi. He is married to his loving wife, Keiko Kodaira, and is a proud father to their wonderful child, Machi.


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