David B. Schwartz

Title: Veterinarian
Company: Boulevard Pet Clinic
Location: Studio City, California, United States

David B. Schwartz, DVM, Veterinarian at Boulevard Pet Clinic, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in veterinarian services.

Growing up, Dr. Schwartz lived on a ranch that housed many different animals. Living in a rural community, he often spent time with the animals. Over the years, he became really passionate about the care and comfort of his family’s animals, which eventually extended to all of the Earth’s creatures. Prior to embarking on his career, Dr. Schwartz completed coursework at the University of the Philippines and Berklee University. Since 1987, he has exceled as a veterinarian at Boulevard Pet Clinic.

Throughout his career, Dr. Schwartz has built an esteemed reputation for specializing in small animal care. He has always provided the highest standard of care to his patients, as well as extending the same courtesy to their owners. He is proud of his perseverance, as he has been consistently determined to keep learning. Reflecting on his success, Dr. Schwartz credits his honesty with his clients. When discussing an animal’s health with its owner, he always gets straight to the point, never skirting around the truth or speaking vaguely. He believes this is why his clients are so fond of his practice.

An active member of his industry, Dr. Schwartz maintains affiliation with a number of professional organizations. These include the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the California Veterinary Association. In the coming years, he hopes to continue his practice, as he genuinely loves his work and caring for the well-being of all animals. His advice to hopeful future veterinarians would be to never stop learning.

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