J. Antonelle de Marcaida, MD

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Title: Medical Director
Company: Hartford HealthCare
Location: Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States

J. Antonelle de Marcaida, MD, Medical Director at Hartford HealthCare, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in movement disorders.

In Dr. de Marcaida’s culture, intelligent students usually became either doctors or lawyers. Having experiences with the elderly and loving to work with others, she chose medicine. In 1990, she earned a Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Philippines. From there, she completed her internship at New York Medical College. Following her internship, Dr. de Marcaida carried out her residency at the University of Connecticut. Upon completion of her education, she finalized her studies by completing a fellowship in experimental therapeutics at the University of Rochester.

Dr. de Marcaida is passionate about her work. She loves what she does, which makes it easy to come to work and fulfill her duties daily. She started her career as a director of the Movement Disorder Residency Program at the University of Connecticut in 2000, remaining there until 2005. From there, she opened a private practice, Dr. J. Antonelle de Marcaida, MD, where she stayed until 2015. Since 2015, she has been the medical director of the Chase Family Movement Disorder Center with Hartford HealthCare. She is the founder of Stars Dancing for Parkinson’s and consistently supports the American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and the Connecticut Advocates for Parkinson’s Disease. As a testament to her success, Dr. de Marcaida was named a Hartford Women of Distinction in 2019. She has also been inducted as a member of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association.

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