Dr. Anupama Pani MD

Title: Medical Director, Owner
Company: Immediate Medical Care MD
Location: Briarcliff, New York, United States

Dr. Anupama Pani MD, Medical Director and Owner at Immediate Medical Care MD, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in medicine.

Growing up, Dr. Pani’s father was a physician and her mother was a nurse, which naturally piqued her interest in the medical field. Having always known how important it was to help others, she wanted to pursue a career in which she could do exactly that. In 1999, Dr. Pani earned a Doctor of Medicine from Seba University Medical School in the Caribbean. In the following years, she furthered her education with training in family medicine at the Wayne State University School of Medicine at Rutgers University. Upon spearheading her professional career, in 2003, Dr. Pani opened Immediate Medical Care MD, where she has served as the medical director for the past 17 years.

An active member of her industry, Dr. Pani maintains affiliation with the Westchester Medical Society and the New York State Medical Society, for which she has also served as a board member. Looking back on her career thus far, she attributes her success to her parents who taught her to be humble and appreciate what she has, which kept her goals in perspective as she navigated the path to success. In the coming years, Dr. Pani hopes to begin working in urgent care and gain the ability to improve the lives of those who truly need help.

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