Dr. Jinhaeng Lee

Title: Owner, Orthodontist

Company: Gangnam Jaw Dental

Location: Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Jinahaeng Lee, Dentist, Orthodontist and owner of Gangnam Jaw Dental, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in dentistry.

With more than 35 years of professional experience, Dr. Jinhaeng Lee has been an orthodontist and the owner of Gangnam Jaw Dental. A board-certified orthodontist, he holds an orthodontic certificate. He began his career as a student at Chosun University Dental College, obtaining a Master’s degree in orthodontics. He is an inventor of MCB (Mandibular Cranial Balancing) technique and MCB splint. MCB technique is a method to make a series of MCB splint. MCB splint is an occlusal splint made in the best position on the lower jaw for balanced cranial movement. There is only one location in the mouth for balanced cranial movement. There are three types of MCB splint. The first one is a disposable splint used for 10 minutes and is used in MCB technique. The second one is worn when sleeping or exercising, and it does not change and should be worn within 8 hours. (Patent in progress) and the third one is a mouth guard that is used for preventing injury in contact sports.

MCB splint has the following effects:

Cranial osteopathy.

effective for both physiological and non-physiological strain pattern.

Balanced and bilateral amplified movement (cranial and whole body).

PRM (Primary Respiratory Mechanism) enhancement

Natural self-correcting mechanism of PRM

Improve circulation

Improve oxygenation

Boost immune system

Neurologic reorganization

Motor nerve disorder (pyramidal and extrapyramidal tract)

Strengthen the voluntary muscle

The body does not collapse anymore.

TMJ treatment (reorient temporomandibular apparatus)

Nonsurgical facial asymmetry (balanced harmonized face even in the banana-shaped face Craniojawtics) by Disposable MCB splint + ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals)

Upright posture of the whole body

Prolong a healthier human life

Ref.:  Ms. No. IAORTHO-D-11896
Identifying the optimal intraoral appliance height for maximal strength and balanced cranial movement
International Journal of Orthodontics

Dear Dr. Lee,

I am pleased to tell you that your work has now been accepted for publication in International Journal of Orthodontics.

It was accepted on 02/09/2019

Website  www.gyo.co.kr/English

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Lifetime Achievement

2017/2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

Industry Leaders

2018 Industry leader with Marquis Who’s Who Top Professional Series


PCT/KR2015/000850 (2015.01.27)

Patent in progress (MCB splint) Korea, USA, European Union, China, Japan electroencephalography (EEG)

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