John Parks Trowbridge MD

John Trowbridge

Title: Physician
Company: Life Celebrating Health Association
Location: Humble, Texas, United States

John Parks Trowbridge M. D., Physician at Life Celebrating Health Association in Houston, Texas, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in health care.

From his 40 years of practice, Dr. Trowbridge has learned that people want to be heard, they want a doctor who will listen, who will question, who understands their unique circumstances, because their future wellbeing depends on science not just reassurances.  He has provided advanced integrative medical treatments with stunning success, and helping patients feel comfortable and capable for years has given meaning to his life.

Recognized for his diagnostic skills, Trowbridge notes that dozens of diagnoses could cause each complaint.  Sorting these down to the basics, to fundamental disturbances showing up in different systems, is the job of a skilled physician.  He emphasizes that the listening doctor orders fewer tests and gets to the right answers (and treatments) faster.  He attributes his practice success to a simple unwavering devotion:  Pose challenging questions and actively seek out practical answers.

“Learning how to learn” to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, Dr. Trowbridge was named a National Merit Scholar and then California State Scholar at Stanford University, where he was a member of Delta Chi fraternity.  His research training at the University of Texas in Austin before college was expanded by graduate courses and a lab appointment in immunology starting 50 years ago, while a biological sciences major.  He credits study under half a dozen Nobel laureates as inspiring him to ask better questions.  He reminds patients of one simple rule:  “Find it now – Fix it right!

He certified as a hospital laboratory technologist and then, at Case Western Reserve Medical School, he studied under more Nobel and National Academy of Sciences professors.  As a special project, he authored a series of 12 videotapes on heart birth defects.  His surgeon mentors were early leaders in heart bypass surgery, his radiology study was under Harold Jacobsen, who literally wrote the books.  Dr. Trowbridge acknowledges the Public Health Service hospital in San Francisco as introducing him to advanced infectious diseases, while a tour at the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C. broadened his understandings of blood diseases and cancers.

Dr. Trowbridge trained in general surgery at Mount Zion Medical Center in San Francisco and urological surgery at The University of Texas in the Texas Medical Center/Houston, including M.D. Anderson Hospital.  His master’s degree in nutrition through the Florida Institute of Technology (1985) can mean fewer visits because correcting unsuspected deficiencies and imbalances restores more normal function.  As he notes, the most expensive care you can get is anything that doesn’t solve your problems, and he goes on to insist that appropriate care is precise, understandable, and often more affordable than people expect.  Dr. Trowbridge describes the hopeful expectations of new patients who are worsening despite having seen a dozen-plus doctors.  He assures, “When the right diagnoses and treatments are in place, people become well enough to be seen only once or twice a year.”

Dr. Trowbridge looks for reasons that most other physicians disregard or simply know nothing about.  He wrote a Bantam Books bestseller in 1986, THE YEAST SYNDROME, acknowledged worldwide as explaining treatment for many common disorders where no one has helped.  His 2018 follow-up, Sick and Tired?, introduces his research into treatable “Deep Blood Fungus” infections.  Those contribute to devastating unexplained illnesses such as severe skin conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, ALS, worsening diabetes, kidney failure, immune system dysfunctions, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, various cancers including prostate, bile duct, and even leukemia, plaque blocking heart and other arteries, where testing now gives evidence of such pathogens that had never been confirmed before.  His patients travel from far and wide seeking effective care because they want to avoid cortisone and chemotherapy … or continued suffering.

Many of Dr. Trowbridge’s patients enjoy dramatic improvements when reducing the burden of toxic heavy metals inside their body – lead, mercury, others – allows body processes to work more normally.  This FDA-approved process (chelation) has been available since 1955 but few doctors ever suspect common toxic illnesses from environmental pollution.  Dr. Trowbridge served on the planning committee for the FDA study of chelation in leg artery disease in the late 1980s.  He was recognized as a diplomate in removing these poisons in 1985 and has taught advanced courses here and in Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.  His studies in nutrition and toxicology have positioned him at the forefront of “anti-aging” or longevity/life extension medicine.  He proudly had 2 patients removed from the heart transplant list as they recovered.

Helping to restore joint function and comfort has long been a priority for Dr. Trowbridge.  Since 1990, he’s performed thousands of successful prolotherapy treatments to stimulate healing within and around joints injured by sports, falls and accidents, even just aging changes.  He was certified as a specialist by the American Board of Biological Reconstructive Therapy in 1992.  He finds some joint pains or other puzzling diseases originate as dental infections – he served as the first physician president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, where his expertise bridges both fields, since people become sickened by mercury and infections in their fillings or root canals.  He passed examination as a Certified Biological Dentist … except for the drilling, of course!

Dr. Trowbridge is recognized as one of the leaders who successfully treats lingering pains in neck/back/all joints with safe, ethical, vibrant, youthful “stem cells,” using a product he calls a “biological assist.”  These come from FDA-regulated processing of donations of otherwise discarded umbilical cord blood after delivery, no one is harmed in their collection.  He has coached over 3 dozen doctors on his advanced program.  To celebrate these unique successes, his book Failure is not an Option is for patients and doctors alike.

When asked about crowning achievements, Dr. Trowbridge looks back to when he served as the first National At-Large Trustee with the American Medical Student Association, traveling as liaison to several professional societies.  He witnessed the folly that podiatry students across the street from his medical school were not permitted in hospitals.  His efforts finally leading to podiatrists being granted surgery privileges were recognized by a Resolution of Commendation from the House of Delegates of the American Podiatry Association in 1974 and a Special Professional Service Citation from their board of trustees in 1976.  “Oh, one other thing,” he offers – “that was when I saved my younger daughter’s life with the Heimlich maneuver, taught to me by my good friend Hank.”

At Stanford, Dr. Trowbridge also studied creative writing, and he has produced over 50 CDs and DVDs, radio shows, several books, and dozens of invited articles, columns, and brochures on integrative medicine.  He produced one of the earliest “health newsletters” in 1980-81.  He is recognized with Editor’s Choice Awards for chapters in bestselling books with Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame), with motivational speaker Brian Tracy, and with the iconic TV and radio personality Larry King.

His tireless efforts were privileged to receive the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award of the International College of Integrative Medicine  (ICIM) in 2014 and designation as a Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) in 1990.  Dr. Trowbridge served as president, director, and program chair for more than half a dozen professional organizations and he still serves as an advisor and contributor.  Early on, he was chairman of the board of governors of the National Health Federation, supporting public lobbying efforts for healthcare freedom.  “Just for fun,” he was a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration from 1984 to 1996 – and served as chief medical officer for Texas International Airlines before they bought Continental.  Early in his career, he was “company doc” to 53 businesses during Houston’s explosive growth.  At the same time, he founded the Resource Center for Nutrition & Health, a free adult-learning “community classroom” that he sponsored locally.  Dr. Trowbridge was invested as a Knight Chevalier and later ordained as an Apostle Ecclesiae in the Sacred Monastic Medical Order of the Knights of HOPE, descending from the Knights of Malta.  He was also invested as a Knight Chevalier in the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Summarizing his career thus far, Dr. Trowbridge explains, “My goal is for each patient to experience what looks like a ‘magic wand,’ because accurate integrative medical diagnoses and treatments often help each one to feel dramatically better soon.”  He insists, “Correct diagnosis is critical – Correct treatment is essential,” because health is your greatest wealth.  He is thrilled for his accomplishments to be recognized in over 5 dozen volumes of Who’s Who, to be named a Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctor, and to receive the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.  But what matters most, he says, “are the grateful smiles (and hugs) of my patients, day after day, year after year.”  And many more to come.

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