Francis W. Parnell, Jr., MD

Title: Otolaryngologist, Co-Founder

Company: Parnell Pharmaceuticals

Location: Ross, California, United States

Francis William Parnell, Jr., M.D., Otolaryngologist and Co-Founder of Parnell Pharmaceuticals, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors for dedication, achievements, and leadership in medicine.

Dr. Parnell and Dr. Diana Parnell are a husband and wife team that together founded Parnell Pharmaceuticals to develop products utilizing the properties of naturally occurring Yerba Santa, also known as bearsweed, holy herb, and mountain balm. According to the Parnell website, the plant is indigenous to the Pacific Northwest and has been used by numerous Native American tribes to promote moisturization and lubricity, which is particularly useful for skin care. Parnell Pharmaceuticals currently provides moisturizers, dry mouth sprays, nasal solutions, and other products perfect for the arid parts of California, where Parnell is based. Dr. Parnell has been a practicing ear, nose, and throat surgeon for 30 years, and prior to establishing his company he founded the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Institute with his wife.

Dr. Parnell always wanted to be a doctor and studied with the College of the Holy Cross and Clark University, ultimately earning an MD from Georgetown University in 1965. He trained in general surgery and otolaryngology with the University Hospitals in Madison, Wisconsin, and entered private practice in San Rafael, California, in 1972. While working as a surgeon, he was invited to the 27th Health Assembly of the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland to represent the U.S. He met many people in public health, which opened his eyes to the role of business and diplomacy in medicine. Dr. Parnell resolved to use product development to address many needs. In particular, he is most proud of his development of a dry mouth spray using Yerba Santa for addressing extremely dry mouth brought on by chemotherapy.

In addition to heading a pharmaceutical firm and his private practice, Dr. Parnell has been a medical consultant and a clinical instructor and assistant clinical professor with the University of California at San Francisco. Before venturing into private practice, he served to the rank of major with the medical corps in the U.S. Army, and in 1988 he was a candidate for the California State Assembly. In 1985, Dr. Parnell returned to the U.S. Army Reserve and served to the rank of lieutenant colonel, until 1993. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Dr. Parnell and his wife have five children, Cheryl Lynn, John Francis, Kathleen Diana, Alison Anne, and Thomas William.

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